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About Us

The concept

We have brought you an original and revolutionary way to savour a product everyone knows : the muffin !


Have a positive impact in the snack market by offering unique, delicious, quality and healthy product .


Change consumers’ eating habits by offering healthy and innovative snacks, one bite at a time.


We create quality products and recipes made with organic ingredients


All our products are made in Canada


All of our products are a good source of protein, and omega 3. They are preservatives free and trans-fat- free


For the sake of environmental protection our containers are made from recycled paper

A simple and healthy muffin

Snack Simple is the first to offer the Canadian market a new healthy minute muffin.
We believe that nothing should be compromised when you snack. We thrive to offer you simplicity, freshness, and a healthy treat whenever and wherever you are.
Who said a treat can’t be healthy and easy? We differentiate and pride ourselves
on these 4 values:

  • Quick and easy freshness
  • Healthy
  • Versatility – Anytime and anywhere
  • Socially and environmentally conscious
Our minute muffins

Here are the muffins you can find at a Simple Snack. Among others, there are:

  • Blueberry muffins
    A snack that is fresh and keeps your hunger at bay!
  • Chocolate muffins
    Tiny breads made with the cocoa powder mixture. They give you some gastronomic pleasure and have very high nutritional values. They are also ideal snacks to be taken right after your large meals, since they help the digestive system to function well because of their high fiber content. It is also the favorite of children and the elderly.
The preparation of organic muffins

You have five main essential and simple steps to follow in order to taste your muffin.

  1. Open the lid of the box of your muffin.
  2. Add a little water to the box containing your muffin.
  3. Stir with a spoon or a flat support the mixture of your box of minute muffins until you get a homogeneous dough.
  4. Open your microwave and put your minute muffin inside. Close for 60 seconds. Remove your muffin, ready to be consumed.
  5. Finally, you can enjoy this tasty dinner. Enjoy your meal !
Save time

Muffins are above all organic muffins, which are made from products from organic farming. It does not present any trace of pesticides nor chemicals which can act on your health. Minute muffins are also fat-free muffins, helping your body work properly. In addition, they are muffins without food additives, which is perfect for the body. The ingredients used in the composition of minute muffins are rich in nutrients. They also have a low sugar level.

Substitution options

Our muffins are prepared for you – the cooking time of your muffin is very fast and the preparation effortlessly, you will save time on your dinner. With 5 simple steps to perform before tasting, you can quickly enjoy your snack, a few minutes after opening the packaging. Nothing better for a snack for lunch, a snack or a snack between two meetings, or in the evening with the family!