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Gymshark’s founder featured Snack Simple Inc. in his new series!

A golden opportunity

A few weeks ago, Snack Simple Inc. discovered a golden opportunity. Ben Francis, the british billionaire known for creating one of the biggest brands in the world, Gymshark, revealed to his audience that he was starting a series called "Rating my subscribers businesses".This brand new YouTube series is a project Ben and his team developed to showcase his subscriber’s businesses, and thousands of entrepreneurs applied, dreaming of being hand-picked, and noticed by Ben. 

We stood out of the crowd

Our Snackers already know that our products are innovative, quick, versatile, healthy & delicious, and Ben Francis agreed. We got the very exciting news that Snack Simple inc. was chosen, and little did we know, a few days later we were featured in the very first episode of this series! Ben had great things to say about our company : "I wonder what gave her (Awa, CEO & Founder of Snack Simple) the idea to do this, that's really cool! Well done."


An unforgettable experience for Snack Simple Inc.

We are very grateful for this incredible opportunity, being mentored by such a successful entrepreneur and leader was an unforgettable experience. Click here to watch the full episode!