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La richesse des muffins

Since our grandparents, muffins are the delicious little sins in which we allow ourselves to chew at any time of the day. Salty or sweet, accompanied by vegetables, soup or tasted solo, no one can do without it. Beyond the many muffin recipes, let’s take a look at the versatile side of the beloved muffin

Muffins and Mother Nature

Classic muffins, with just flour, sugar and salt, yeast and vanilla sugar, this is the basis. Nevertheless, you can change the flavours of your muffins, whether homemade or baked. The best way to vary tastes, fragrances and flavors is to take advantage of each fruit season to stock up on all the sweets it has to offer.

Muffins: Traditional or modern sweetness?

Bakery service experts have noticed that consumers like what comes out of everyday life, which is different, while being interesting to enjoy. As long as they stay familiar and don’t give a feeling of discomfort, you’ve won! So what do we do? Keep muffins as traditional as we know them? Or add a touch and madness?

Of course, we still love the famous very leches muffins or the ube muffins with their bright purple color, the muffins with banana or chocolate, orange or lemon. These ethnic flavours always attract as much as the clientele who becomes spectators and actress of innovation. Flavours such as maple, cinnamon and cherry are just as popular, and taste buds are still very much in love with them. However, it would be necessary to bet with Mother Nature to stay the course.

To keep muffins fresh and the flame of consumers, bakers must hunt for seasonal fruit. A regional and seasonal selection of fresh products throughout the year is therefore necessary, in order to offer the seasonal flavours as the first choice. In combination of flavours or self-contained flavours, peach, tangerine, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, blueberries and fresh strawberries all bring sighs of pure pleasure after each bite. These varieties of berries always surprise the senses. Similarly, certain flavours such as jackfruit, guava, ginger and mango easily integrate with muffins for an explosion of flavours in the mouth.

To make it easier for you, you can set up monthly or quarterly programs to choose which flavors or flavour combinations to highlight in this period. In this way, the tastes of consumers remain on the lookout, ready to fight as soon as the opportunity arises.

What about the toppings?

Of course, they don’t count for butter, as they can tell the difference between you and your competitors. Presenting your muffin is just as important as the muffin itself. To improve food experiences and textures, and to meet the expectations of consumers who want both different and familiar, it is important that bakers bring their own touch to traditional varieties and recipes of muffins. To the feeling, chia or hemp seeds are used by bakeries to break the routine.

Are you a fan of sweet muffins? It’s also possible to make simple finishes on your muffins by having fun putting a cinnamon streusel, a spoonful of fresh cheese frosting or a drizzle of caramel. The trick is done and complete, when you add flavors like cranberry and walnut, gingerbread and chocolate mint. With these flavours, all you have to do is take a one-way ticket to paradise!

For salted muffins,although the least affectionate, salted toppings such as jalapeno, bacon and cheese excite a growing consumer desire.

The challenges of bakers

With competition levels, new techniques need to be developed to boost sales. Keep in mind that everyone wants to keep the line,but also, and especially that most consumers buy muffins spontaneously. The goal is to generate a lot of interest on their part.

The first key is to provide customers with healthy and delicious muffins with fresh flavours. Indeed, nothing is more exciting than to smell the aroma of cinnamon or blueberry, having muffins in front of the window. Yes, you understand: harnessing as much meaning as possible from customers to stimulate buying. And for that, offer muffins made and cooked on site and all day remains the best option for bakeries.

The second key is sampling testing. Usually, consumers know exactly what they want to buy, but are very often unaware of what they think they don’t like. The best way to get them to test new flavours and settle down is to offer them samples. This will allow them to be able to test them on the spot and perhaps take more than expected. Your new challenge will now be to determine the next flavor that will be as successful as this one, or more.

Healthy muffins at the rendezvous

At a time when the danger of the planet is increasingly being taken into account, new food trends have emerged and are becoming more and more common. “Organic” or “organic” is becoming more and more important, so you have to get used to it and keep up. With the goal of eating keto, gluten-free or vegan,consumers are paying more and more attention to the natural ingredients that have helped make their muffins. Unsurprisingly, clean labels and vegan options are much sought after by health-conscious consumers.