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Food is a hot topic, and with cooking shows, cookbooks, internet capsules, and eating advice videos, it’s hard to navigate. But, what comes up more and more in the discussions, it is the fact of eating local or consuming local products. Choosing to buy fresh food from local producers rather than buying imported products has multiple benefits. Here are some benefits of consuming fruits, vegetables, and other products that are grown locally and making your pastries like muffins.


Encourage and support the local economy with local products


One of the incredible benefits of local products is that they allow you to automatically support the local economy, but also that of small local producers. It is one of the best ways to keep local know-how and the culture and traditions of a city alive. The agricultural landscape is also highlighted, which makes production pride for producers.

Likewise, making local businesses profitable allows them to reduce their production costs. This is done in particular at the level of transport costs, conservation agents and the reduction of intermediaries. This is what will allow producers to offer products of incomparable freshness and quality. By successfully reducing costs, local producers can afford to sell their food cheaper than some imported products. Everyone wins with these products that do NOT contain TRANS FAT.


Eating healthier is better for your health


If local products are so much appreciated, it is good because the various fruits and vegetables, as soon as picked, quickly lose their vitamins and minerals. Thus, by buying them locally, you have the possibility of consuming fresh products of a few hours or a few days at most. This avoids you buying products stuffed with preservatives since in your local products there are NO PRESERVATIVES. It is also possible to buy local products even in winter, through farms that deal with several local artisans to grow various foods throughout the year.

It must also be said that when you eat locally, you reduce the movement of food that is picked when ripe without using harmful products. Your products are kept in natural conditions and adapted so that they remain a SOURCE OF PROTEIN. They therefore absolutely do not lose their flavors or their vitamins. They also promise incomparable quality and freshness to non-local products.

Do a fun family activity with the QUICK SNACK


Eating local also means having the chance to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home in a vegetable patch. Besides being able to consume fresh and natural products, it is also a wonderful activity that you can share with your family. It moves and offers great personal satisfaction. If you have a sunny place, sheltered from the wind and accessible to develop a nice vegetable garden at home, why not take advantage of it? It is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy an important moment of sharing with a preparation at home. You will be able to make a quick preparation of muffins with your local products for incredible flavors that will do good to your taste buds. So do not hesitate to prepare with local products grown either by you or bought at the market.


Eat healthy according to the different seasons


When you favor local food, you automatically adapt to seasonal fruits and vegetables. Their consumption will allow you to eat healthier since these contain more vitamins than those which are cultivated in an unnatural way and outside their respective seasons. As for restaurateurs, they can create their menus according to the seasons in order to offer customers increasingly tasty dishes at all times.

It must also be recognized, using local products not only allows you to save money, but also to take action for the environment. Indeed, eating locally means also choosing to pay less. Since local products are much less expensive to produce, they are therefore sold much cheaper than in supermarkets, for example. Finally, local products are good for the environment since generally small farms are much more respectful of the environment than larger ones or those made out of season.