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Do your kids love cakes? The muffin is a snack that will delight young and old. It is much appreciated for its exquisite flavor. In this guide, let’s discover the origin and the benefits of this pastry recipe.

What is a muffin?

A muffin is a cupcake that looks like a madeleine. It is recognized by a dough leavened with baking powder. Like a traditional cake, this pastry product is made from flour, sugar, eggs, butter and milk. According to the stories, the muffin was invented in Wales around the 11th century. It was then exported to the United States, and over the years has become one of the iconic cakes of the American continent.

As for the etymology of “muffin”, many versions have appeared. This word is said to have come from the Greek word “maphula”, which means bread baked on a hot plate. For other historians, it can also be taken from the ancient term “bread loaf”.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the spelling of the word muffin was different. At the time, the “u” was replaced by two “o”, which gives “moofin”. Some believe that this term comes from the German word “muffe” which means “cupcake”.

American muffins

American muffins, also called “Quickbread” are characterized by a soft dough. They can be served in kind or garnished with chocolate chips, as you wish. But, there are also other varieties that tickle the taste buds of the most greedy. Examples include strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, banana or blueberry muffins. These cupcakes come in the same form as cupcakes. However, there is a slight nuance in the taste of these cupcakes. Unlike cupcakes, muffins can be made from ingredients such as berries, nuts or nuggets. To satisfy the most gourmet, the chefs have revisited the muffin recipe; and created salty versions. This range of products is generally composed of hams, bacon, grated cheese. To offer you unrivaled taste pleasure, these savory muffins can be served as aperitifs.

English muffins

The English muffins on the other hand are full-fledged baked breads. Round in shape, they measure 10 cm in diameter and 3.8 cm in height. Unlike the other variety of muffins, this product is cooked on a hot plate. In some recipes, flour is replaced by cornmeal. You should know that English muffins are not sweet. To enhance their taste, they can be accompanied by jam, honey, chocolate cream, but also other garnishes such as egg, bacon or cheese. Served for breakfast, English muffins are among the ingredients for Benedictine eggs, a sandwich that consists of poached egg and flatbreads.

The creativity of the chefs does not stop there. A whole multitude of muffins that combine creativity and originality has also appeared. For example, you can find marbled muffins, vegetable muffins, multicolored muffins or coca-cola flavored muffins… In short, there is something for all tastes and all budgets!

The benefits of ORGANIC muffins

If you want to keep a healthy and balanced diet, nothing beats an organic muffin. Just like classic muffins, this product can be available in several varieties. For example, you can taste the famous chocolate muffin. With its crisp chocolate chips, this individual cake is a real explosion of flavor. Besides, you won’t have to worry about your calorie intake. Generally, organic muffin recipes do not contain fat. Which is ideal for keeping your figure without depriving yourself.

Consuming organic muffins is also recommended if you have lactose intolerance. The milk used to make this cupcake is of vegetable origin. In other words, organic muffins can perfectly fit into a lactose-free diet. Contrary to popular belief, these pastry products are rich in taste. They will also allow you to have an alternative solution to maintain an excellent nutritional intake. Most importantly, eating organic muffins is great for improving your well-being. These products will completely protect you from digestive problems related to dairy intolerance.
One of the points that should not be minimized: organic muffins are without additives. Devoid of chemicals, it must be said that they are better for health. We can cite in this case the absence of pesticide residues in the ingredients which are used for the preparation of this cupcake, but also the use in low quantity of food additives.

Thanks to all these precautions, organic muffins are qualified as quality products. Their flavor is not likely to be distorted by the presence of chemicals. To taste the best organic muffin recipes, you will find a variety of muffin products at specialty stores. All you have to do is enjoy yourself!