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An organic chocolate muffin that you can enjoy without the guilt. The chocolate essence of this minute muffin gives the impression of sailing on a sea of cocoa. This quick snack is perfectly balanced in terms of nutritional value and pleasure for your taste buds. It’s a delicious muffin experience that takes longer to enjoy than to prepare. 

Flour, Erythritol, Pea protein, Canola oil, Semi-sweet chocolate chips , Cocoa powder, Wheat bran, Baking soda, Potato Starch, Monocalcium , Natural flavour, Sodium acid pyrophosphate, Xanthan gum, Sucralose.

The steps :
1. Remove the lid
2. Add water until it reaches the line
3. Mix it well
4. Microwave for 60 seconds
5. Enjoy!

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Enriched organic wheat flour, Organic cane sugar, Organic sunflower oil, Dehydrated blueberries , Organic yellow corn flour, Egg white, Cream of tartar, Sodium bicarbonate, Corn starch, Cellulose gum, Natural flavour

How Many Muffins?

6 muffins, 12 muffins