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Throughout the decade that has just passed, food consumption has experienced worldwide changes, especially in France. This state of affairs then forced the largest companies in this field to review their various strategies. If you too would like to have more information on the strongest trends in food consumption during the year, then this page is most suitable. All the answers to your questions are indeed available there. Here are the main food trends for the year 2020!


Understanding consumer habits in 2020


In general, 2019 was a year of consumer goods, a year of challenges. In 2020, consumers will also show an attraction for various other foods. The Vietnamese ingredients as well as the pasta made should be a real success throughout this year. The reduction of food waste will be at the heart of the concerns of many consumers during this year. The domestic use of fermentation can also be much more popular in 2020. Although fermentation has been trending for several years, it remains an incredible source of discovery. The flour can be replaced by superfoods from West Africa. Note also that there will be an innovation in packaging, products or even business models.


Vegetables, an essential element


Both in supermarkets and in small local shops, plant-based products will continue to take up more and more space and will therefore become much more part of the consumption habits of populations. Contrary to what one might think, these products will not only interest vegans, but will also be very popular with flexitarians. These are in fact people who, for ecological or health reasons, wish to reduce their consumption of products containing meat, fish or dairy products. Among the most trendy plant-based products in 2020, we can mention, for example, foods such as alternative flours or organic muffins.


Alternative flours


Do you want to reduce your cereal consumption? If the answer to this question is yes, then alternative flour is a good alternative. They will also be suitable for people with dietary restrictions or who want to diversify the flavors of their different dishes as well as their diet. Alternatives to the traditional wheat flour include soybean, cauliflower, chestnut, coconut or cassava flour. Note also that green banana flour figures prominently in the gluten-free food category.


Organic muffins


In 2020, organic muffins will also be part of the food that will be incorporated into the diet of many people. Both light and very easy to make, these foods have undeniable advantages. Besides their lightness, these muffins are trans fat free and additive free. They are also made only from organic ingredients. Given their delicious taste, these muffins will appeal to both flexitarians and vegans.

Local and organic, solutions still as popular in 2020


Considered for years as a fundamental trend, the appetite of many consumers for local and organic products should also continue in 2020. According to a study carried out by the organic agency, in France, nine out of ten French people would have consumed products organic. It is therefore not a tendency to be taken lightly, since according to several experts, more and more consumers will turn to local productions and those from small producers.


Upcoming Trend foods


Food such as sweet hummus and babka should be talked about this year. Want to know more about these foods? Here are some details.